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'88 Wrangler Project
« on: March 27, 2015, 12:01:47 PM »
This guy has been on my plate for a while and I want out of it.

 I'll start with the good parts:

4.0L from '93 XJ ~75k miles
NV3550 from 2000 Wrangler. New clutch, flywheel
NP241J from 2005 Rubicon
Dana 30 (non CAD) with 27 spline alloys, 760 spicers, 4.88's, Detroit locker. Built by ECGS
Ford 8.8, 31 spline alloys, disc brakes, 4.88's, Detroit locker. Built by ECGS

OME 2.5" spring lift, shocks included
Teraflex revolver shackles

Set of 5, one unused. 2 weekends of wheeling.
33x13.50 LTB's
15x9 D window steelies

Full Poison Spyder armor package, all steel:
Rear corners (TJ opening)
Rocker Knockers with sliders (TJ opening)
DeFender front fenders, 3" flare
BFH front bumper
BFH rear bumper

Misc Parts:
Gas tank and fuel pump from '95 Wrangler
Gas tank skid
Banks Revolver header (installed, new)
Banks crossover pipe (new)
Banks catalytic converter (new)
Unknown brand catback system (used, good condition)
Full exhaust hanger hardware kit (new)
Brown Dog motor mounts (installed)
Undercover Fab 3/8" aluminum skid
DIY drag link and tie rod
Fuel Injectors (new)
Daystar 1" body lift with hardware (new)
Bestop soft half doors
Bestop Bikini top
Jeep cover

The bad:
Body is in rough condition rust-wise. I've repaired the rear corners of the tub and sections of each rocker panel. 3 body mounts on the tub are trashed; under driver's pedals and the two rear most mounts. There's some additional rust in the floor boards for the rear seat, area where the front seats belts bolt through the floor.

Frame is in decent shape. some patch panels have been welded in by a PO. The two rear crossmembers that the gas tank attaches to are basically gone. I have replacement crossmembers to replace, new from Auto Rust Specialists.

Drivetrain situation: #1 concern, wiring. Not much has been done in this department. Have an ECU with the engine. Will need to have driveshafts made.

Bottom line, I'm ready for this thing to be out of my garage. It's had little to no work over the last year and I have little to no inclination to do it. Basically all of the parts to get this thing running are there. I'd estimate you're 95% there with parts, 75% there with assembly and mechanics. I would absolutely prefer to sell this thing as a package, but I will part it out if need be. Hit me with your offers on part outs, worst I can do is say no. As you can see there are a ton of quality parts in this build, and I'm sure most of you can add. Truth is I can probably part this thing out for more than the asking price, but as I said, I really want it gone without the hassle.

Price: $7500

Location: Brockton, MA

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Re: '88 Wrangler Project
« Reply #1 on: March 27, 2015, 01:02:12 PM »
keep it, finish it, wheel it! rigs don't sell these days anyhow. looks cool! get inspired and get it done ! my opinion of course.
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Re: '88 Wrangler Project
« Reply #2 on: March 27, 2015, 05:39:47 PM »
You aren't wrong, I keep trying to find the time and motivation to finish it but I've been coming up short for quite some time. I've been content to let it sit in my garage up until now, but I'm looking at a move to Colorado in the next couple of months and between this and the JK, I think it would be an easier move to try and unload rather than drag it across country. Who knows, maybe I'll find some motivation now that the seasonal depression is lifting.


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