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Author Topic: ****READ RULES BEFORE POSTING****  (Read 3744 times)

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« on: January 03, 2007, 12:59:15 PM »
Here are the guidlines that we ask you to follow when posting:

- Do not post pictures of illegal/irresponsible wheeling activities or links to sites with pictures of illegal/irresponsible wheeling activities.

- Please do not discuss "questionable" land or land that you think "may or may not be illegal."

- Please, do not post the real (public) names of trails. We have come up with our own nicknames for local trails that we ride on. Please use the nicknames...even if the land/trail is on public land. We don't want person/persons to go to a trail that was listed on this forum and dump trash, get hurt or die on a trail and then blame us because they saw it on this forum.

- Please do not join and start asking where to wheel within your first few posts. That's just annoying. This is a forum for discussion, not a directory.

- Bashing, slamming, belittling, harassing behavior and name calling will not be tolerated.

- Spamming will not be tolerated. ie, If you join this forum and repeatedly advertise for an event or product, you will be deleted.

- Make sure to post in the appropriate forum. Post all pictures in the Photos section, all the technical questions in the tech section and all the for sale/looking for in the marketplace.

- If you would like to know when/where we wheel, then send in your members application and you will be emailed before every trail run. Also, when the yearly schedules are created, the dates will be posted on the main page.

- This section of the forum is PG becuase it's accessable by everyone.  Please only post appropriate material.
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